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We find ourselves in 

unprecedented times....

The huge global events we have witnessed over recent times have created a swirl of uncertainty has left no one unaffected.  Every aspect of our lives has been upended.  Most of us knew we were all connected---intellectually, but now we know without a doubt that we DO BREATHE TOGETHER.  We are all connected, so how can we make every space we inhabit--work, home, places of worship, schools, and all public arenas--- equitable, inclusive, respectful ones? 


 The ravages of COVID-19, political polarization and consistent violence has brought to light the areas and groups we have marginalized, neglected and ignored.  Public health, public education, emergency preparedness  and social leadership are the topics most spoken about in our current reality.  The cumulative effect of the many, many Black lives and lives of color that have been lost to violence and murder by police has reached the season of ENOUGH!


How then do you prepare for what comes next on the journey to equity?  Change isn't coming...change is here!  ​Learn the practices. processes and platforms that interrupt racist and marginalizing cultures and create spaces where



Change is friends.  Change  is here...


The Armour Group founded  and headed by Dr. Regina Armour, is a collaborative who provide  anti-bias and anti-racist individual and organizational coaching.  Racism, gender bias, and xenophobia is known to exist in every organization to some extent, and research has proven it is holding everyone back from realizing their full potential! 

The Group has a combined experience that cuts across the fields of education, communication, social media, public relations & engagement, 

talent development and organizational development.

Traditional "teamwork" and "collaboration" is becoming inadequate given the dilemmas we face on a daily basis within our workplaces and social institutions. The latest research-based strategies combined with culturally responsive practices and a respectful human-centered approach has proven to yield 

results that are holistically beneficial and long-lasting.

The Armour Group focuses on creating and supporting complex problem-solving through promoting equity , diversity and social leadership in entities who have the courage to embrace the unknown and be open to perspectives other than their own.

I will work with YOU to create a team with the expertise 

that is customized to YOUR needs​.


"Now is time to lead a new way, and to solve the complex problems we face using the untapped talent we have in each other. This is the first time in history 5 generations are working together in the same space.....every voice needs a place at the table.  It just makes us better"

Who is Dr. Regina Armour?

Dr. Regina Armour (she/her/hers) is a explorer first and foremost.  Her research focuses on interrupting anti-racist practices, human development, instructional & organizational coaching, and culture transformation. Her work started as a one of the corporate rank-and-file, then as a public educator who has has taught elementary school, high school, community college and university graduate students.

Dr. Armour’s primary interest is creating equity in all spaces in order to draw out the potential and talents of people who work together and interact with each other. She uses coaching as a empathic tool, and a multi-faceted, systems approach in crafting relevant, engaging learning experiences for stakeholders. She has provided professional development for school districts and leadership development for principals and organizational leaders. Dr. Armour has extensive experience in transforming cultures; cultural proficiency; and organizational literacy for not-for-profits.

She is a certified Evocative Coach which protocols help individuals and organizations re-write their own stories that show excitement for diversity and welcomes multiple perspectives.

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